In today’s blog post I’d like to introduce you SQLBI. This resource is well known in Power BI and DAX community. Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo who run this website are super experts in DAX language. They succeeded to create this community where all DAX obsessed people gathered and sharing knowledge with one another. Alberto and Marco are also authors of famous “The Definitive Guide to DAX” book which is some kind of Bible for DAX language learners. 

DAX Formatter

One of the important features of SQLBI.COM is DAX formatter. DAX is a functional programming language, so when creating queries and writing complex formulas it is important to create code which will be easy to read and thus, to use.

Dax Formatter - unformatted query
Unformatted DAX Query

This query is quite hard to read, but after formatting code, you get result like this:

Dax Formatter - formatted query
Formatted DAX Query

So now you can easily understand the function.

This is a small example and not covers all the powers of Website is completely free and you can play around with it.

Articles & Blog Section

SQLBI.COM offers a blog in which you get the latest and advance tutorials and solutions for everyday work in DAX and Power BI. It is divided into categories, like articles, blog posts, puzzles, references and many more. You can filter and find content that you like.

SQLBI - Blog Posts
Articles & Blog

Each post contains detailed information about the topic that it covers. For example, when explaining the DAX functions, for comfortable work, blog provides embedded code widget which allows you to copy code and use in your own project.

Embedded Code
Embedded Code

SQLBI: Conclusion

In Conclusion, SQLBI.COM is a great website to learn DAX. Authors always offer a brand-new solutions to learn and deploy in your projects. It’s worth to regularily visit their website and subscribe their YouTube channel.